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David Myrland - The man who cures the fear of going to court.

With the Host of the Spiritual Politician
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Friday, June 22, 2007, 4 pm PST

This Week's Show
Guest: David Myrland

Are you afraid of the IRS? The government is stuffed full of agencies and bureaus that make strong men tremble and all of us blanch. Going to court has become more like mounting the trumble to the guillotine than a place where we are assured that justice will prevail. While we were sleeping the institutions of America were hijacked for the enrichment of the corporations. Now, we need to take it back.

That is no simple matter, as we all realize. But there are ways and David Myrland is one of the people who has been ding just that, a case at a time. With his help you, too can become a part of the solution to reestablishing justice in America's courts.

For David Myrland the whole thing started around April 15th, 1988 – the IRS knocked on Mr. Myrland's door to inform him that he owed taxes on some tips he had earned four years earlier. David Myrland is the fastest bar keep in the West or anyplace else. 1984 had been the last year he filed a 1040. His reaction was different than most people's; David Myrland began studying the law.

It was a bad day for injustice when that happened.

Realizing that those who confront the system lose David began an intense study of the law and the IRS code. By 1992 he was working as a full time tax payer advocate helping out others as well as writing statute that solved problems in several states.

That intense study resulted in a thorough understanding of the founding principles and a contiguous understanding of how Americans had been sold a bill of ungoods.

His insights resulted in a series of tutorials that work, enabling the user to confront and defeat the system. You can find those online at Your Remedy is in the Law

Over the years I have seen dozens of tax protesters, seminar producers or citizens go down in flames; that is not going to happen to David Myrland.

Myrland understands the law and practice, where the statutory bodies are buried and how to use the truth. You can, too.

What the Show is about and being a Spiritual Politician

Bringing government into alignment with the Lessons of Jesus:

The focus of our show is how to bring government into alignment with truth of our spiritual nature. So America started with the idea we are all, inherently free. We are free to choose, free to live, to breath, and to live our lives as we see fit. Government does not own us; government is just a contractor, providing service.

That framework is in alignment with the spiritual truth that each of us connects to God directly, needing no agency as an intermediary. To be free is to be free in the spirit and so in the flesh that temporarily holds the spirit.

When Thomas Jefferson said we were all possessed of inherent rights, existing before government he was extending a spiritual truth into a civic form. It is that Mission Statement from the Declaration of Independence we need to keep in mind.

Because we are free and reject, as did Christ, the use of deceit, manipulation or violence we need to be conscious about our relationships with others and find ways to grow into the sense of connection and community that makes us One in Him.

This is especially true for Christians but it is true for everyone else as well.

Nearly every major spiritual viewpoint enunciates the idea that we are connected to each other and should be good to each other. Christians just have an even more exacting mission. Christians are to love every one, treating them as they would Jesus.

Jesus was very clear about how we were to treat others. He did not say that it was alright to be abusive, deceitful, and violent if we used government as our tool and agent. There was no exception, He wanted all of our hearts, minds and souls. Christ did not lay out any plan of government, but left it to the conscience of the individual, the same way He connects to each of us.

We are Americans but we are also members of a human family that connects us to something truly wonderful and immense.

So our job here at the Spiritual Politician is to look at Government as a human tool we use every day. We need to consider if government is working in a way that speaks that common understanding about our connections to each other and, if it is not, we need to change it.

Americans have had many successes over the last 231 years since our founding and, learning from both mistakes and successes we can consider that question. So here at the Spiritual Politician we look at the truth behind of rhetoric.

Given what is going on today in Government what we may decide to do it reboot the whole system.

To provide the examples of what has gone right and what has gone very wrong we here at the Spiritual Politician have put together several different kinds of segments you will hear on our show from time to time.

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